Spa Treatments

Touch is the most natural healing therapy for the body; and experience skin benefits with the application of one of four Signature Balms: revitalising, detoxifying, energising, or relaxing.
Activating the lymphatic

Yuan Infusion Massage   

Complementing the intrinsic healing nature of Yuan massage, herbal compresses used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine elevate immunity, clear blocked ‘chi’, and eliminate toxins with the dynamic properties of:

Ginger: Warms the lungs, promotes circulation and relieves fatigue
NotoGinseng: Increases circulation, regulates blood flow; an effective analgesic
Mint: For clearing the heart and unblocking “chi”, to prevent bodily fatigue
Danseng: Tonifies vital energy and acts on the spleen to regulate metabolism
Tibetan Saffron: Promotes circulation, removes toxins, and reduces inflammation

Yuan Massage
A Jade stone baller to restore the energies of the body, our signature massage draws on the traditions of Chinese medicine by targeting acupressure points and meridian lines for full relaxation and renewal.

Four Hands Massage
The synchronicity of two therapists working together once produces an indulgent, deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage
A ritual of slow, deep massage movements using hot stones, Jade stones and Yuan signature massage oils creates an energising, inspiring experience.

Lomi Lomi Massage
Applying pressure using forearms, palms and elbows, this traditional healing therapy from Hawaii balances the chakras and increases vitality.

Balinese Massage 
Balinese massage is a technique long believed to jump-start the metabolism, encouraging it to rid the body of toxins, which is precisely what all hard-working, hard-playing bodies needs.  Therapists use their forearms and elbows to work out every little kink, and incorporate aromatic oils to boost your energy levels.

Deep Tissue Massage
A firm massage using deep thumb pressure along meridian line pathways stimulates blood circulation to release muscle tension and increase energy flow.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Activating the lymphatic system, a targeted sequence of soothing massage movements alleviates fatigue, reduces retention of fluids and restores vitality to the skin.

Clarins Slimming Treatment
This Clarins intensive body toning treatment reduces sponginess and enhances smoother, firmer body contours. The rhythmic massage movements boots circulation and lymphatic flow, reduces fluid retention and enhances skin tone and elasticity.

Clarins Firming Treatment
Regain firmer body contours and better toned skin. With anti-ageing benefits, this Clarins treatment gently lifts and smoothes the skin’s surface to enhance a more youthful looking figure.